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Legal Confidential

This is a book about the author’s tryst with legal destiny, or perhaps the story of his experiments with legal truths. As he says, “It took twenty years for the reality of the legal world to sink in. There are no truths, only pleadings, and evidence, and no matter what the judge decides, there is always an appeal. It is true that this process ends eventually but since I am an Indian lawyer, it does not end in my lifetime. This book is my personal narrative.’’

In his book, Dubey reveals a self-serving world of morally righteous double speak, of agendas wrapped as ethical hoopla, of a justice machine that is designed to serve the needs of the producers more than it serves the needs of the consumer. Running like a sub theme through the entire book is Dubey's central postulate:

The justice machine is not structurally designed to deliver an appropriate product at a realistic price in a timely manner to the fee paying consumer.
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Bullshit Quotient
  In this incisive, unsparing and eye-opening book, the author argues that we Indians have an extra 'credulity chromosome' built into our DNA. He believes that we are wired to unquestioningly trust those who exercise authority over us, or those whom we admire, even as they unashamedly scam us.
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Winning Legal Wars
  This is a book about how to win court cases in India. To explain how this is done, the book discusses each stage of the litigation process. First, it helps the reader decide if the reader should start a court case in the first place. It then helps the reader understand how to prepare for a legal battle. Next, it explains the 7 golden rules of legal strategy. Finally, it discloses the seven golden tactics of litigation. Each of these rules and each point made is illustrated with an actual case that the author has fought as a lawyer. In the process, the reader understands what it takes to win every time.
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This book is currently being rewritten.

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Winning Legal Wars Bullshit Quotient