Legal Confidential: The Adventures of an Indian Lawyer (Penguin 2015):

"I learnt soon enough that justice had little to do with the legal system, if at all. I also learnt that justice was of little interest to a great many service providers of the legal system. Last, and definitely most, I learnt that the last thing the service providers in the justice machine wanted to do was be just to each other. It was a dog eat dog world of self-serving street fighting, no quarter was asked or given, and the winner took all. When the velvet gloves came off, there was blood on every hand. It took twenty years for the reality of the legal world to sink in. When it did finally permeate to the depths of my soul, I enthusiastically embraced the ethical void. This book will tell you how I did this, and why. It is about that journey." Ranjeev Dubey