About Bullshit Quotient:

In this incisive, unsparing and eye-opening book, the author argues that we Indians have an extra 'credulity chromosome' built into our DNA. He believes that we are wired to unquestioningly trust those who exercise authority over us, or those whom we admire, even as they unashamedly scam us. He sets out to dissect the bullshit that surrounds aspects of modern Indian corporate, social, political and legal life. In doing this, he asks and answers basic questions about our society. Who runs the corporate ship and why? Who is making the stock market tick and how? What are health care facilities here to do? Why do governments support patently absurd Intellectual Property Rights even as they give companies carte blanche to rip off customers? How does the judicial system really work? What is the role of sleaze and grease in the determination of public policy?

In the result, Bullshit Quotient offers radical revelations: Indian industrial might is built on the back of a colossal land grab. Criminal cases are business scores being settled through intimidation. Brands and Trademarks are tools to scam consumers. Corruption is necessary so that we may fund our democracy.

If you want to understand who you are and what you are prepared to swallow, Bullshit Quotient is just the meal ticket!