Synopsis of the Book:

       The book examines the all-pervasive bullshit in India in four parts. The first section deals with the three basic legs of the bullshit stool: first, what we produce and what we do to produce it; second, what we consume and how we choose what to consume; and third how we value and preserve life, or monetize its value.

       Section two examines the bullshit in the corporate soul. Here, we look first at the stock market and then the corporate governance structure through which the Indian companies are run: shareholders, Board of Directors, Auditors and Bankers.

       Section three reviews four snapshots of Indian legal life: first, the inability of the law to defend our privacy; second, how our justice machine naturally favours the law breaker; third the subversion of criminal law to settle commercial disputes; and four the corporatization of the legal system.

       Section four brings us at last to politics as seen through four peep holes: first, a short history of political fixing; second the ‘system’ in political payoffs, third the real motives of legislators and regulators; and finally, the cultural dimension to our contempt for our laws.

       Section 5 closes the historical, cultural and philosophical loops on bullshit in Bharat. Here, we review our history in order to encourage Indian elites to address the alienation in our post-colonial souls. Next we open the buttons of the Indian mind and interpret our ‘morality’. Finally, we put our living experience in a historical context, drawing conclusions on where we are headed as a society and as a nation.