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What Others Say

What people say about Ranjeev’s speeches and training workshops:

"Excellent presentation of the huge amount essentially in a cogent, articulate and thought provoking way."
- Mr. John P Tucker-J.D, CEO Mountain Mediation, Inc.

"Every bit as good as I had hoped for!"
- Mr. V. Chakradhar, Sr. Legal Counsel, Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

"Great program!"
- Mr. Rahul Sundaram, Dy. VP Legal, Tata Motors Finance

"No Comments - Perfect workshop"
- Mr. Nasser Kabir, VP Legal, Strides Arcolab Ltd.

"Frankly cannot think of any improvement - extremely well done."
- Dr. Anuradha Balaram, Director, Ministry of Finance.

"Excellent presentation & Management"
- Mr. M.S. Ozla, Director, Ozla Plastcraft Pvt Ltd.

"Good information combined with and applied to practical experiences"
- Mr. Roopak Ahluwalia, Manager Legal, LG Electronics

"Do it in bigger venue on large scale"
- Mr. Mani Kant Mehta, Head Legal, LG Electronics

"Should be for at least two days with lots of case studies to discuss."
- Mr.Ajay Sanghi, Manging Director, Sanghi Hire Purchase Limited

"Workshop was good, informative"
- S.K. Chaturvedi, Sr. Manger Commercial, Swarup Power Generation Pvt. Ltd.

"It’s a Good Attempt & Very Fruitful"
- Ms. Manish Sans, Sr. Manger Legal, Ranbaxy

"More and more workshops to be continued in future on the related & practical issue"
- Ms. Puja Jain, Company Secretary, Group 4 Falck India Pvt. Ltd.

"An Excellent effort to bring awareness of the right kind of legal environment"
- Mr. M. Khaitan, Executive Director, Wire & Fabriks (S.A) Ltd.

"Very beneficiary workshop"
- Ancy Jacob, Legal Officer, Petronet LNG Ltd.

"The workshop was very well conducted. Ranjeev (the speaker) was very good!
- Nakul Raheja, GM, Regulations and New Business Development, BG India

"Speaker is Enthusiastic"
- Nitin Mahajan, Product Specialist, J.Mittal &Co.Ltd.

"Keep it up"
- Prem Khurana, Director Marketing, Auto Shell

"It was rewarding experience. Please keep me posted on the workshop in future."
- Bharat Gupta, Director, SNG Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

"It was good session from value addition point of business and very interactive with a speaker like Mr. Dubey."
- Saroj Pandey, Company Secretary, Interglobe Enterprises Ltd.

"IALLM is doing a good job by imparting training and enhancing the participants knowledge."
- Mr. Jagbir Singh, Deputy Chief Legal Advisor, ONGC Ltd.

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