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Ranjeev C Dubey is a corporate lawyer, author, public speaker, business columnist, blogger, railway buff and keen hobbyist. Apart from his professional pursuits, his interests range from travel and food journalism to photography to videography to off road wilderness journeys to scale miniature railways.

In the main, Ranjeev C Dubey is the managing partner of the N South, Advocates, the premier independent full service law firm located in Gurgaon. N South Advocates is recognized for its guidance of cutting edge corporate transactions and complex litigation briefs. He is the team leader on many of the firm’s leading assignments, rendering advice and steering the strategic input at the pulse of the commercial issues.

Ranjeev C Dubey is a published author who brings together his understanding of the legal commercial and political world in a unique perspective which has since 2004 found expression in his monthly column Fine Print. Over the last decade, his keen and continual observation of evolving current commercial, legal and political events has led to a very specific if counter intuitive view on the forces that are driving India’s destiny. His first book, Winning Legal Wars (Macmillan 2003) still remains the seminal business book on legal strategy and tactics in an environment of hostility and commercial conflict. His second book, Bullshit Quotient - Decoding India’s corporate, social and legal fine print(Hatchette 2012) explored the symbiotic relationship between Indian law, politics and corporate-commercial drivers. Ranjeev C Dubey's third book Legal Confidential: The Adventures Of An Indian Lawyer was a brutally honest take on the real world of Indian lawyers and the ecosystem they inhabit.

In 2021, Ranjeev C Dubey rewrote Winning Legal Wars from the ground up and offered it as a free download to all who wanted access to his knowledge. It can now be downloaded at no cost at

Ranjeev C Dubey is and has been an acclaimed speaker at a wide variety of domestic and international business and legal conferences over many years. He has also over the years been the principal trainer at a great many legal training workshops for business executives. He continues to appear at business forums, providing perspective to the business and legal issues faced by commercial entitles in India’s evolving business landscape.

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