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From Ranjeev Dubey at Mar 24, 2014
I understand your perspective Rakesh. In April 2003 (eleven years back!), when I wrote "Legislating for Whistleblowers", that is the view I took. I now think that the primary justification for such a law is (a) witness protection and (b) victimization protection. Of course, once we get going with a legislation, we can add the other items I mentioned in my column.
From Rakesh Sharma at Mar 22, 2014
Hi Rajeev, you have raised all pertinent issues very well from a whistle blower's perspective. Completely agree with you but first thing to ponder, why do we need such a specific law when there is numerous legislations already in existence, protection of whistle blower or common man reporting corruption is other wise state's duty, if the state has failed to do so in past, we can least expect the same under the new legislation. Seriously hope that new legislation protect the whistle blower in real sense.
From B. Sai Chandravadhan at Mar 21, 2014
Well, Ranjeev, hope is what sets us apart from the other terrestrials with whom we share this planet. Everything that we do stems out of hope. Intentions matter more than institutions when it comes to forging change. Lets hope the intentions of the new government reflects the aspirations of a new breed of voters who are not voting for money and gifts but for inclusive growth and development. Cheers,Sai
From Ranjeev Dubey at Mar 20, 2014
Thank you Sai. I continue to be a believer. Atal Bihari Vajpayee's minority government achieved a great deal in regulatory terms. It successors - run by Harward and Oxbridge educated elites - did not. The face of nations is always uncertain.
From B. Sai Chandravadhan at Mar 19, 2014
A brilliant article, as expected. The legislation should be appropriately titled as 'Whistleblower Prohibition and Abolition Act'.On the other hand, may be its sheer hope that makes me say that it could be a shaky beginning that is capable of being strengthened through appropriate amendments by a more stable government. Whom am I kidding, the wind direction in this election will ensure there is no 'stable government.'.
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