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Book Review: Bullshit Quotient
Syed Shoaib | October 6, 2012 |

Must say, author Ranjeev C Dubey has taken powers-that-be in India by the horns. In his cut-and-dry style, the writer makes us aware of what’s wrong with our nation today.

For a journalist, for whom un-publishable notes surpass the printed safe word, this book is not a shocker. But if you live in a safe corporate world and believe that the dark bellies of your office need to be hidden away in an already stinking alley, then you realise there’s a black world out there. Go fetch a copy of this book and unleash the hidden agendas.
Like Dubey, I’m not a lover of ‘mere’ fiction, and hence admire his courage at stating things that far too often become obvious and do not raise people’s eyebrows. What makes the stock market tick? Who steers the corporate ship?

Born into Post-Independence India on September 14, 1957, his job profile gives us a peek into the inside information holds about the so-called hierarchical departments of a country, which many say poses a threat to China, and sometimes even the United States of America.
He is the managing partner of an independent full service law firm. His forte and team leadership skills are reflected in the simple explanations given to the complex phenomenon of cattle crap that is all-pervading in the higher echelons of modern Indian corporate, social, political and legal life. Everything Dubey talks about — the unflinching faith we have in power-based authority, including ‘scamsters’, the label culture thanks to multinationals and questionable sources being the wannabe powers of our industries, the actual movers and shakers of this democracy… is real, true, if we care to not just look around but actually see and perceive, between the lines.

I’m also interested in the anecdotes Dubey might not have included in this book. Bullshit can be understood as a noun or a verb depending on which end you are at.

Bullcrap might be an expletive, but what Dubey conveys at the end of it is no nonsense. In fact, after Intelligence and Emotional Quotient, those in the know-how of what actually goes wrong in India, including all of us, should be assessed for Bullshit Quotient! Reality-based readers will look forward to his updated and rewritten edition of Winning Legal Wars, slotted for release in late 2013.

Name: Bullshit Quotient
Author: Ranjeev C Dubey
Pages: 248
Publisher: Hachette India