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The book has a refreshing and candid style of writing. Reading this book kind of tells you a lot about the author's personality. Through his writing, he seems frank, and articulate to me. His metaphors are spot on and sarcastic innuendos at the Indian hypocritical political/corporate arena, definitely leave you craving for more.

The author is very open at exposing the in's and out's of his trade as a corporate lawyer. Such candid writing coming from an Indian author makes it all the more special. I stumbled upon this one at the Crossword and couldn't help but to finish it there itself.

The author, as a lawyer, has stretched his boundaries of audacity to its maximum (considering this corporate culture is still a part of his profession). I really doubt that anybody else would choose to write such inside stories about how the whole Indian corporate scams work (unless Wikileaks chooses to join the competition).

Cons: The author has used certain flawed logic (quintessential theatrics of lawyers) to prove his point at times; which seem less convincing.

In all, definitely worth reading!

PS: Favorite line: "all that we touch and all that we see is all our life will ever be" -Pink Floyd, Breathe.