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Arun Mirchandani
20 November 12
Bullshit Quotient: Decoding India's Corporate, Social and Legal Fineprint by Ranjeev Dubey

The book “Bullshit Quotient: Decoding India's Corporate, Social and Legal Fineprint” by Ranjeev Dubey makes for excellent reading. I read what probably happens in the ''shadows'' of reality and I think it best to give a few ''extracts'' which probably whet the appetite and make the reader yearn for more!
• Never call a spade a spade, my lawyer guru and intellectual mentor P.S. Dasgupta good-naturedly advised me years ago when I exhibited too much lover for plain speaking, ‘Call it a gold toothpick.’ Then he added quickly with a dry laugh, ‘The world runs on BS. It’s not that people don’t know that it is BS; it’s not that the appetite to swallow BS is built into our genetic blueprint!’
• I would take it further. Whether the stock price of your favourite company goes up or down depends on what somebody wants out of the stock price. May be that somebody is the promoter. May be he is increasing his holding through market transactions so he is driving down the price to make it cheaper for himself. May be he is looking for third-party investment into his company, which is why he is pumping the price up to get a better valuation. How do you know when to enter and when to exit? You could get your lungi ripped off dealing with these unknowable unknowns.

The Bullshit Quotient- “None of us urban elite deserve what we have today. Our fortune is the consequence of choices our ancestors have made. This is also true of our nation. Many of these choices were not ill-intended even though they have slowed us down. Remember that we have run the world’s greatest empire a mere 300 years ago. To understand ourselves, we must contextualize ourselves within our historic experience. We have experimented continually with new political ideas since 1947 while controlling the pace of change to ease the pain of transition. Since 1992, we have accelerated this pace and the results are apparent. India has seen rapid change since 1947. We are now experiencing unprecedented social mobility. Yes, we have our problems, but the trick is to see it with perspective. India is progressing under our very noses and may have so radically transformed that, unseen; it is already unrecognizable to most of us.”