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28 October 12
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This is Serious BS

It is a brilliant book, and borders on the work of a genius. It is superbly written and must be read by all - whether you agree or not.

If you are the sort of person who takes things at face value, then the first part of the book is a must read. The author forces you to think otherwise - don't fall for all the things that politicians and corporations tell you. It is mostly Bull Shit and like it or not he tells you what he sees. The brilliant part is that he links these insights to case law in India.

In the latter part of the book he explores the reasons for our cultural responses and eventually concludes that inspire of all the BS ours is still a great country and the chattering classes should be less careless about the criticism they readily hurl at politicians. Some of the arguments may not be backed by research, but they are worth listening to.

This book is a must read for any thinking person.